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Accuracy Third is a podcast collecting an oral history of Black Rock City. We are looking for your very best stories from and about That Thing In The Desert. You can submit your story to us at
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Sep 5, 2020

Accuracy Third's new editor is Jason so meet him now right now. "Life happens" could be a slogan or something. Camp Envy. D-day remembers Element 11. Evanston, WY. Tacoma stinks, apparently literally. Someday, you'll all hear Jason's edit of Nat. We can hear Jason's keyboard and it's incredible. The two interview episode for Jason. Interviewer for us like journalismists is how interviewing works. Who is this new guy, Jason, anyway?! Other art stuff and podcasts. It's Divinity 2, actually. Different histories teach history differently. Rex is wrong about Freddy Kreuger. Plus, dissecting V. Also, we all know it's not cardboard.
#FuckYourBurn #FuckThisShit
Music: Treyzilla - "The Horror"

Sep 3, 2020

What we're crying at. Goodbyes and good licks. Chunks. Sadness, and yes, loneliness. Making kissy-face at Burning Man. Making the best of friendships. Instagram snot and radical self expression. What we're working on. Also, we'll throw up. Plus, follow it @! #NeverEndingSeason5 #JKRowlingIsAPieceOfShit

"Brooklyn" by Wildlife Control

Aug 12, 2020

Gabriel (Han Cholo) & Robin (Lazy Fuck) are quar-rioting in Vegas. Community. Polycamperous. Volunteering overnight. #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #ACAB

Jul 1, 2020

Family. Shame. Great year. Regret. Parenting. Betrayal. Butt stuff. Fights. Memories. Fears. Dirt. Embarrassing. Decision. Apology. Cherries. Stealing. Drunk. Seriously, more butt stuff? Manipulation. Tickled. Ugly. Nightmares. Housing. Bedding. Kindness. Fucking. Junior High School. Sadness. Working. Public. Smelling. Avoidance.

MUSIC: Eye of Doom - "Power Drive"

Jun 16, 2020

Synth-Meth is not funny. D-day met Rex. Beth met Rex. Beth met D-day. Grad school. The street. The theater. Rex met Beth. Craft party. Early Burn. Into the darkness. Sycamore. Benders. Podcast. Arbitrarily limiting bunches. Also, General Strike! Plus: #ElonMuskCanGoFuckHimself

MUSIC: Eye of Doom - "Nowhere"

Jun 1, 2020

King Nipples. And now, his hairiness. Who got fired? Euphemisms for "hanging out." Sarcasm &/or irony = dead. Laddering for show offs. Most of the work; none of the play. Beth's dairy tears. Skip past us talking about the POTUS. Stay for the hip, young dudes. Making "music" and "humor." A lot of Juggalo documentaries. Bawdy Storytelling. Also, WTF with puns? Plus, There Will Be Bread. MUSIC: Midtown Social "Believe"

Jun 1, 2020

Bryan did not make a Burning Man festival. Missing the bandwagon. Self-aggrandizement and we. The tears of the Triangle Temple. Good tents are heavy tents. A handful of pills and three bananas. Post Temple exodus like rolled it. Shamelessly subbing. That quick-set cement lifestyle. Burning Man art all over California. California: always on fire. Weird year. Luck and $500 bucks. Letting it breathe. Thank you for the party. Being burnier than thou. Please don't climb Temple. #ClimbTheTemple. Tweets Camp. "Disaster" bags. Old gross food reviews. Saving our fellow citizens. Crash Fence. You got Ranger face. Also, suck at the teat of capital. Plus, please don't 3-D print d-day a beard.

May 16, 2020

Commercials for cartoons. JRS and social media Burning Mans. Ren & Stimpy, Rocco's Modern Life, and Danger Mouse. [Scat!] Mailbag: D-Day's ADD can't Advanced D&D from Brian the Temple Guardian. Bex, Reth, and D-day. Ozark & 3.5 dads & Tiger King. Vermin Supreme?! The Employer's Feed. DJ Same DJ is pigeon.heart on Spotify. A3rd is also Spotified. [Scat!] Mailbag: Mohawk John's voodoo reiki dolls. Us playing Eclipse on YouTube now. We want a soak. Victory Mead. The Society for Creatively Anachronistic Drug Use. Also, Rex and Beth like the same video game. Plus, one of us knows that Night in the Woods is really not that good.

MUSIC: Midtown Social "Home"

May 14, 2020

PODCASTS: Running from Cops, Ear Hustle, Dirty John, Who the Hell is Hamish?, Reply All, Quick Question, Trump Inc., What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law, 99% Invisible, Intercepted, Deconstructed, The Bechdel Cast, The Daily Zeitgeist, On The Media, It Could Happen Here, The Women's War, Worst Year Ever, The King Mobcast, Punch Up the Jam

FICTION: Motherless Brooklyn, Illuminatus!, The Martian, Magic for Beginners, Dune, Kill All Normies, Junky, In Watermelon Sugar, any one Tom Robbins Book except Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas, preaching Pynchon, The Broken Earth Trilogy, The Kingkiller Chronicle, The Expanse

NONFICTION: The New Jim Crow, Homicide

COMICS: The Invisibles, The Filth

TV: Sense 8, The Expanse, Tiger King is representative of polyamory,
FILM ON PLAYA: Brazil, (don't watch Fritz the Cat,) Kill Bill, Fury Road

VR: Beat Saber

YOUTUBE: Accuracy Third plays Eclipse

ALSO: Anarchist-ier Than Thou

PLUS: X-tian Side-Hug

ALSO TOO: Lazy Risotto

IN CONCLUSION: A System of Chits


MUSIC: Midtown Social "Born to Dream"

May 6, 2020

Presenting Little Red & Mr. Mello. Who loves lines? A day of sweats. Roommate consideration confessional. The popular Mormon. Throwing shade at Orgy Dome. Baseline fun-danger. Their thing's name is hard-pan. Fertilizing the playa. The West Pole. We have become the swingers of worlds. Don't fuck-die at Burning Man. Runner band cock ring gifts. Frog Pond Fuck House. X-Cult. Also, Beth has already had The Thing. Plus, crystal flipping.

Apr 21, 2020

We graciously invite the Pope. The mommas and the poppas on the social medias. Politics politics politics politics. #VanLife. Who thinks there are enough public toilets? Not us. The Soak I-5 carport. The Friday Zoom Call (we asked.) Popes Pagan Post. [Scat] Mailbag: The Inescapable Joy-ness of Reaching Out. A bunch of burning scams.

Apr 21, 2020

What the fuck is going on, basically. The DMV is a real job. Motel 666. The same, but with douche bags. Glorious theater weirdos came. Pure agency Halloween. He called us journalists. Nostalgia v. immediacy. 100% unoriginal transformational snowflakes. Behind the filthy curtain. The Sherpa Liberation Front. Ellis Island is not in New York, New York. 1993 site works. The Generator is dead; long live The Generator. Wondering about kids. Losing the gate road. We want Grover to come over. Also, Rex's voice is fine. Plus: It's David Boyer from KALW and The Intersection Podcast.

Mar 31, 2020

Dragon Heart, Chickadee, Ohman, & David Magichands celebrate 20 years of that heebie and jeebie stuff. Everybody touches the dirty hippies in one way or another. All the different modalities. Heal the world; make it a better place. Heebie 4 Lyfe. 70 touch millions intentionally. Dull to the sparkly but smart about the showers. Instant body juice. Real broken fucks. Manifesting a tub of oil. Nerds with pugil sticks. The authenticity of Steve the Average Burner. D-day doesn't need playa therapy. Dozens of classes. The neighbors are all fine. Also, proud of edging. Plus, power to the peaceful.

Mar 29, 2020

The world has turned and left us here. Friendship distancing. Nonprofit profiteering apocalypse. Feeling drrrty. Digital signatures and wastes of money. [Scat!] Mailbag: Ladders and balloons. Beth is doing God's polyamory work. Alphabet's fingle, Google. A street sweeping test. Robots 4 the Homeless. [Scat!] Mailbag: Derailleur from GPE. Something about community. [Scat!] Mailbag: BWB w/o plywood. Also, for $10,000 we will make you podcasts for free. Plus, he's not a real doctor. #PleaseDontSendUsYourGuns

Mar 17, 2020

Giving your life to the AI. More than phones at Burning Man. Living vicariously. Shish-Car-Bob-B-Que. Take your call outside. Really good at barista. Maxie brings out your women. It's cool now. Make Burning Man. Weather on the radio. It's all built on metal plates. Also, D-day doesn't talk about butt-stuff. Plus, your computer is nakedly motivated.

Mar 3, 2020

Sass is part of the Internet now. All the volunteer jobs. D-day did not have the ups to ruin the spiderweb. It's always someone else's dome. Rattan usually sucks. A ticket and a tee and also fuck Elko. Balloon Chain. Anal Balloons. Soap bubble balloons. Balloon around the world. The People's Republic of East Davis. unSCruz brings it on green grass. Fragile art and fragile people. Do you like airplane jumping? Tweakers be whittling. You can bring rebar to the scrapyard?! Underpants gasket. Introducing Rex as Smart Lenny. We bless the hail down in Mexico. Also, when this episode comes out the world is worse than we thought it would be. Plus, why won't Crimson Rose come on the pod?

Photo Credit: Todd Gardiner

Feb 14, 2020

We will get you laid. More Malört, always more. Calamity. Commodifying sobriety. We are now proudly missing deadlines. Stephanie. Please don't eat food cooked on or in non-food service metal. Fluffers provide life support. Plus One. Fuck Dennis Kucinich, apparently. Throwing the C-suite under the bus. Gate Obtuse Director. Beth doesn't know Deadmau5. Baby Boy v. Turnaround. Spires need the right number of spire-doers. The 420 ballista. Gate loves loving on Gate. We have deaf camps. Cones and saws on busted-ass cars. Makeout Queen consents. Bat Country does not collect $200 but does pass go. We keep everything in. BLEEPED because BLEEP. Black and Tans deal with their doodies. Also, a giant inflatable dick assault. Plus, Perimeter and Exodus.

Feb 1, 2020

We met Han Cholo & Lazy Fuck at the first A3rd live show. Easily impressed by dragons. Diego Rivera. Paco delicious. D-day makes clothes from 90s dork-culture. Children's Theatre. There are no good Eric Roberts characters. The 9-11 of the DMT of boxing. 9-12 year old boxing. What the fuck, psytrance?! The Moop Master. Change your hoses and belts, willya? One Sponge Bob; one dog. 420 @ 69. If you don't know Cell Space, you can't know Cell Space. Rex made a "hot" pun. More Animal Control, we guess. Humor First, Safety Second, Other People's Feelings Last. The Ice Strategy. You're fine if you suck-off shit. Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping. B. F. Skinner's Choke-A-Tron 8000. Scumbag alley scumbags. Also, historically, only D-day dances. Plus, a subtle Spaulding Gray reference. Also-too, Code Adam says "Papa."

Jan 15, 2020

We're back. The maze around the man. The dope and beer club. What happened with the Mega Man? Holding something long down. Who Burns The Burning Man? The collapsing man. Three guys talking about guys. The health of the fire. Prematuring Man. Also, heroic whiskey drinking. Plus, our intros and outros need work.

Dec 30, 2019

What happened to the truck? It's Pope. Fuck Hard. D-day's Deep Playa Experience. Next art! Penalty Bar hurts people. HOSE CLAMPS ARE NOT STRUCTURAL. Beth's pregnant ankle. Face burnt Folly. Thank you, No Drama Moonbeam. We got the Alien Head back. Burning Man = terrible music. Rex wants a family. All kiosks are little to Pope. Hands up!

Aug 21, 2019

Ranger Tanuki is our guide into the world of the Black Rock Rangers, your friends in Khaki. Plus Ranger stories from Accuracy Third guests.

Aug 7, 2019

We're all friends with Soup Soup Soup Flavored Blankets. Buttercup from some other Buttercup's Camp Buttercup. Newbie crab-free zones. Noodles and the first actual radio. Rides for soup. The apps. #throatgoals We play games! We're all poly now. What about your titty wagon? Best flavored beacon. Under the face of Noodles. Prepare for your present. Rex is the asshole. How will our soup stay sopping? Random Trump nuzzlings. OUP. Come early, feed the art. The scary tent conceals the fucking. Contracting a glue baby. Timesharing plug & play camps. The A3rd MLM and you. We like the courts; the courts that go food. Clean the vegan out of your shits. In a book of crappy jokes. Do Not Climb lives. Playa names to be proud of. Also, the best sound cue. Plus, "douche canoe."

SFB's shitty Yelp reviews:

Jul 24, 2019

Flaming Lotus Fundraising Fire Flies. Hundreds of people. Fifteen pieces. Worldwide. Cell Space. Noise Bridge. The nerd community. The Box Shop, Sonny Barger, Hells Angles, and Hunter S. Thompson. Serpent legs and all. How did it go before the apps? Friendship Mfg. Co. The piece is your friends and family. Desiccated Flying Locust Girls. A step further than Burning Man. Nearly killing Caroline. Fourth of Juplaya, 2008. Getting out now. Beautiful creepy stories of friendship. Loud Party at Orgy Tent. What about wool? Baba Yaga does it right. Plus, just-in-case business cards for ASMR.

Photo credit: "Color Firefly" by Rhiannon Maple

Jul 9, 2019

What hasn’t Slim done? Amazing Larry’s Cube Club. The hangover kicks in. Ducks, ships, and fish. The emergence and infamy of La Contessa. The intolerable lightness of dumping and exploding. And then, the police show up. They should fix the problems. Lifting the cloud on cancer. Who knows all about Slim? What is Meow-Wolf? Does Slim need tickets? Claim them burners. Bring them home. Google the make-a-fish foundation. Burning Survivors. Accessibility inclusion-setting needs your help! Yoga at dawn or whiskey at midnight. Also, this is probably going to be the last year. Plus, see you in the Temple this year, Ben:

Jun 25, 2019

Banjo Dave settles for everything. We'll have 25'of styrofoam. 3/4 of NYC mass transit hubs are disparaged. Two particular dudes. Del Hamburger. Pica Dave.What is wrong with the Bay Area. We are done with "bitch." Embrace the suck. X = not real. There is no fave shade. When you wear pants, fill your pants. Math jokes. Stink in the patina. Rex is pedantic. JT = dope. Portland poops. Something about splinters. Also, veg knowledge and where things are supposed to rot.

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