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Accuracy Third is a podcast collecting an oral history of Black Rock City. We are looking for your very best stories from and about That Thing In The Desert. You can submit your story to us at
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Feb 8, 2017
D-Day, Rex, and Beth introduce the episode discussing non-monogamy, because we’ve got stories from one of the Orgy Dome’s organizers, Lazlo. He tells D-Day and Rex about the ins and outs and all the intimate parts of the Orgy Dome experience, including consent, ethical hedonism, and where the hell it is, anyway. 
  • over three months ago
    Hi Vanessa,

    My advice is this: go! Worst case scenario, you'll fuck your husband in a nice, low dust, air conditioned environment, surrounded by other people having hot sex. Best case scenario, you'll make sexy connections with amazing people, be blown away by the physical diversity of your fellow orgy attendees, and emerge feeling spent and sexier than ever.

    Orgy dome is a microcosm of the event itself, tragically inclusive, life affirming, and sex and body positive. I've seen bodies of all shape and age in there, and whether or not they have a good time is determined exclusively by what they bring in with them mentally.

    Sex it up my dear, it's there for you!

    Thanks for listening and commenting,
  • over three months ago
    Vanessa Moore
    I have more of a question instead of a comment. My question is: Im hesitant to try orgydome because i am overweight & not very attractive.My hubby & I have been together for 23 years ( married for 13years). I know my hubby would try it & he is a good looking man. What advice would you give someone like me?