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Accuracy Third is a podcast collecting an oral history of Black Rock City. We are looking for your very best stories from and about That Thing In The Desert. You can submit your story to us at
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May 31, 2017

The episode we've been calling "DPW Dirty," which means we consider "S02 E09 - Fuck You & Your Hug" the clean episode. There's violence and naughty things from a whole bunch of anonymized argumentative DPW bastards ... except for Friend-of-the-Show Xeno, who takes his credit as a matter of course. It's fuck-ups, weirdos, bikers, and outlaws laying down together. DPW on Christmas, plug & play camps, choir practice, landmines, & adult stories from your adult children. Remember: all of this stuff happened a long, long time ago, to people who can no longer be implicated for their misdeeds. Also, a recognizable soundscape throughout.

May 17, 2017

Beth & Rex "twinkle that yo" at the Burning Man Global Leadership Conference, which is as familiarly corporate as any conference you've seen. But our people dress better, and our hair is as awesome as our tattoos are bad. We talk about several regionals, Kostume Kult, and how we're doing it wrong. A safety plan for tornadoes. D-Day already knows about permaculture. When to say yes. Blazing Swan is not a bush doof, and Beth exhibits impeccable consent with a previous guest.

Permaculture Action Network

Blazing Swan

Portal Burn

Burn In The Forest

Kostume Kult

Midtown Social


May 3, 2017
Friend-of-the-Show Xeno moderates a roundtable of DPW hardcases: Monk, Gage, and Frisky Whisky (from S02 E07.) Monk has opinions about voluntourism, worker’s rights, and penetrations. Gage finds his way through the red tape, while Frisky Whisky discovers what’s in the bucket. Friend-of-the-Show Xeno shares his management philosophy and the transgressive chicanery he got into at Flipside. There’s the first installment of the Accuracy Third Glossary segment, and pretty much everybody has multitool on them. Find out about the awful shit we drank, and if you want t-shirts, I guess we’ll design and print them.