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Accuracy Third is a podcast collecting an oral history of Black Rock City. We are looking for your very best stories from and about That Thing In The Desert. You can submit your story to us at
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Mar 13, 2019

We changed the temperature. The EDM. A petition for Grover Norquist to come on this show. Leanne and the Rockstar librarian. Laptop kaleidoscope. Black Rock City Hall of Justice. Dante's inferno v. Dante's Retirement Center. You are a citizen of this city. Black Rock City Hotel & Casino. Drinko. Dome disasters. Stealing the election. The pre gate radio show. The music guide becomes an app for the geeks out there. Tech or no tech? When the schedule comes out. Small camps. Also: Hi Leanne.

Feb 27, 2019

Talking to Hot Fuzz about Hot Fuzz. Divorce gifts. JWs react to talking about JWs. Being pretty ginger. Edgar Wright? Right on. Guardians of all sorts. Friends talking to friends all friendly, basically, and a lot of fun was had by all. Also, Rex throws D-day under the bus.

Feb 13, 2019

Benny is Barbershop Roulette. Patent sequencer. Roller disco as well. The Amazing Race finale. Hmer is horrific. There's no Pantone for glow. Eye contact with the fire. The love potion slosh. Offense and tackle. The Reno to Sacramento disappointment. Presumptive Light and Magic. We've played in lube. A3 @ checkout. Also, the mayor of Burning Man. Plus, butthole Bezos.

Jan 30, 2019

Meet Tiny Dancer and Boyfriend, friend to you and me. Cafe. Rangers. So much about Gate. Tiny Dancer could conceivably volunteer for every department every year. Boyfriend couldn't keep working for Gate. Real Playa Talk with Rex and D-day. Plus, we learn a lot about D-day this episode. Again.


Jan 16, 2019

He's actually DJ Recoil. Floating jam session. D-day was an art car scofflaw. The lessons learned from art cars. Having-friends camp. Burning Man is doing a super-green thing. The trouble with Stardust and DMVs. Rex has an electric bicycle and likes talking about electric bicycles. For a while, it's like Motor Trend, but with art cars. Also, Studio MK04.

Jan 2, 2019

Accuracy Third is back with new stories from the Burning Man Community. This season opener features fan-of-the-show Iouda, who reached out and offered to share his stories of Fire Conclave with us. If YOU want to be like IOUDA, maybe you can get in touch, tell us stories, and then spend New Year's Eve with us as well! Also, lots of welcome to season four nonsense from Rex, D-day, and the Bethest Beth of all.

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Nov 22, 2018

The Accuracy Third postmortem from Burning Man 2018. End of the world bartending. Pawing at jaws for friendship. "Taco Castle" by Nonsense Man. Reintroducing Hotwire. Burning Australia. Introducing Andy-Bag. Hey, Fuckface. The Pommy in the bush. The Naked Pub Crawl experience. The BIA is awful and has always been the worst of us. D-day's darkest night in Black Rock City leaves him angry and sad. Doctor Bronners' camp should go fuck themselves, but we don't entirely agree on why. Explody anvil perimeter. A Shake Weight contest. The shish-car-bob VS the danger swings. Truth at Burning Man is hearsay. The art was so very art this year. Plus, Decibeth is the Bethest. Also, Rex has certain doodies.

Taco Castle:

Aug 15, 2018

What can a consent talk do? Do better at that. Consent is counter to western culture. Express yourself. Cultural Scripts. More thoughtful. There are Rangers and ESDs. Hurt feelings. STDs. Expectations. The Dick Squeeze. The mental health area. Talking photos. Rejection v. Enthusiastic Consent v. Acquiescing. Questions are everything.

Here's Beth's notes for consent talks:

Music by: Coywolf

Aug 15, 2018

Queen Dee talkin' 'bout feet! Buttercup tells us about personal and camp hygiene. Poni implored you to get a diva cup. Dandy & Pops discuss wet wipin'. Hand and foot ceviche. Crocs & socks (on playa.) Poni's teeth smell delicious. Rex keeps talking about his socks.
Hot Fuzz has a mindful time on playa. Never hear about hygiene again. Coconut oil scuba diving. Armpits, asshole, crotch, and teeth. Beth's feet are jocks. D-day recognizes his limitations. Also, it's Monistat, not Vagisil. #RealFierce #FierceLife #OlivePower #Curls4Days #burningman #burner #burnerpodcast #podcast #brc #ttitd #blackrockcity #humor #comedy #arts

Aug 8, 2018

Live from New York, it's the inside of LUCKY! Puss & boots. Every fear you have. The shit-pants faint. Meggo goes to Burning Man. Spanking jail & Skrillex. Rum & picklebacks. They call him Splat! Mad scientist dog bus. You're gonna get Sharpie-ed. There'll be an old guy there. Zendo is there to listen. Climb in the claw to get to the monkey. Also, fuck Queens, amirite? Plus, Stories done prepared.

Photo credit: John Curley

Jul 26, 2018

Buttercup's playa experience is all because of volunteerism. We're naturally against hall monitors. Accuracy Third's department. Where do I go to check-in about my shift? Burner Express again. The sound of crowd surfing. Bartholomew. Mic buddies. Do by Friday. Reconcilable differences. Roderick on the Line. You've gotta be self-aware when you're rocking the Ranger. Finding the negative poles. There's a bunch of people.

Jul 11, 2018

7-11 & Jeremy try to make a short film on playa. The most hideous crap. Rex & D-day don't do their homework. The "no" letter and other obstacles. Undercover Policia? Don't think of Cool Neon's toddler trikes. We can be scofflaws without being assholes. King Golden Cape. Who put that ladder up? A Burning Man Story: Preconceived Notions, 2015: Beyond Belief: Honeymoon at Burning Man, 2003. Eden, a Burning Man Fable. Zizek-ing Zizek:

Jun 27, 2018

Slim Dusty. 'Roo man. Effigy Superstar. Burning Swan VS Blazing Seed. Kiwi Burn & Modifier, too. Australia is cooler than Burning Man. It's 39.4 feet. Borg Spies. 3 guys named Jeff. What does BONZAA have to offer? A putrid shopping bag full of 'roo meat. DPI. Paddock is the playa. Australia has a lot of the longest things. Well-skilled bushmen. It's bigger than a 'roo scrote. Also, eskimo siblings start the global movement. Plus, Aussies don't know what blazers are, and this is Slim Dusty:

Photo Credit: Onur "The Angry Turk" Karaozbek

Jun 13, 2018

Poni is a listener with stories galore. Rex has disgusting gray water. Poni didn't get the slut memo. Virgins glob on to things. D-day had a wineskin. Camp Frat Boy had placement. Poni marathons ultra-style. Seven instead of ten gets you a different prescription. WAEZ. Arctica is super plush. Rex lies about Cafe. Well-round your burn at AEZ. A strap-on-a-thon for everybody. Dark partying. The highest jump and The Pearl Necklace pirate ship. Babies in cages. Plus, the porn and breakfast industrial complex. Also, crotch lamps.

May 30, 2018

Meet Jane and Brian from Bonkers Empire, the best goddamn bar on the playa. These awesome people do some incredible tending. Bonkers Empire holds it down at both ends. YOURMOMisaWH0Re. Paris Hilton is current. Rex believes in cum in some pants. Home sick from school in Third Grade. That's Early Man. What's good? We promise turpentine rags in 2018. Also, we just want a nice, cold Negroni, okay?

May 16, 2018

Human ingenuity without barriers. It's almost annoying. A screaming maniac under the Bee Shade. High on NRE or limerence. The baby is being put to sleep. Go to a hot spring outside of Paisley. The White Dragon Udon Bowl. Air mattresses are the worst idea. The Human Shit Podcast. My tent is huge. "Intervention: The Musical" is a work in-progress. Do not assume we three are the people we appear to be. We have context to Friend-of-the-Show Xeno. The TED talk of his nightmares. The reason you don't hate Planned Parenthood. We love Jason and Jerry. It's a lot like vaginas, actually. Also, not everyone knows mice are involved.

May 2, 2018

Hotwire takes control. D-day's theory of cultural spaghetti. Trebuchet fence display dildos. Send us shitty DJ mixes. Methcast. We're not the only the worst. Rangers are not security. The one person plague. Burning Seed needed a radio station, so Red Earth Radio took control. Australians don't drink enough. Beth asks about dicks. Eveready, the effigy builder already had his tools replaced.

Apr 18, 2018

The pride and problems of what very well may be the oldest continuous theme camp on the playa, Bioluminati nee Bike Mutation nee Pimp My Bike camp place. The importance of camp infrastructure. Suldrew is not his playa name, but he does have a lot of Chinar. Less shit, more fun, especially during setup week. Anyone who's anyone has abandoned evaporation. You're theme-ing it wrong, a lot about camp kitchens, and Suldrew looks familiar, but so does D-Day. Plus, Suldrew calls the playa a floor!

Apr 4, 2018

Rex & D-day interview one of their best goddamned Burning Man friends, Queen Dee. Maybe that's why there is a lot of goofiness and singing in this one? That said, Burning Man needs an anthem (but not the Ayn Rand "Anthem," because fuck that neurotic, hypocritical, rape-apologist-ing POS.) There's Sparklepony drift, Fucking Unicorns, Skinny Kitty, Speleo Crew at Apogaea, and Ice Pirates rigging The Pier. The Scamp is better than the Freebird is better than the Prowler. We're planning a lot of tours. Really weird Rangers. Also, we all make a lot of excuses for not seeing the thing in the box. Plus, Old Man Burning Man and the Cubatron.

Photo Credit: Diana Sabreen Photography

Apr 1, 2018

We feature a lot of volunteers on Accuracy Third, but possibly none more prolific than the eponymous Rick, rolling his way from one volunteer crew to another over the course of almost two decades on playa. Plus, Beth is unimpressed with our new outro script. Also, a gift from Creampie.

Mar 21, 2018

If you walked into Stories's camp, he would hug you, get you a drink, a comfortable chair, and some food. The Playa Puzzle Project 2018 (you don't need a packet, but you do.) Burners Under the Influence Camp. Our first guest who brought an outline with him. We love Stories, but he loves us more. A promise from D-day. BOLLYWOOD MUSIC VIDEO LINK: GIVE CAMP BUI YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS:

Mar 7, 2018

The second episode from DJ Beth & Rex's infiltration of the belly of the DPW beast. The epilogue and afterword for Frisky Whisky's playa plane crash (from S02E07.) Gage's first season. Friend-of-the-Show Xeno is giving Mohawks. Pound Town figures out the timing. Rob is never going back. The Peppermill is a thing. Ice skating on playa. The Gerlach barbecue. Lucky's on Avenue B in NYC. Weird in the wrong way. Plus, everyone shouts "no" at Beth, and variable intoxication throughout. Also, Stories. Meet Stories. And come to Accuracy Third Live.

Feb 28, 2018

Friend-of-the-Show Xeno exerts his friendship on the show something fierce. Learn his sordid history while he, Rex, & DJ Beth get a little unconscionable at Accuracy Third's second visit to The Vulcan.

Feb 14, 2018

Papawitch and Pascal are two Burning Man volunteers. They are awesome people who just happen to be in the minority at Black Rock City. Pascal studies Russian. Papawitch has eight names. Pascal didn't have a bicycle. If Morgan Freeman had dreadlocks. Papa Witch & Pascal A custom-ass experience for your pampered fat ass. Pascal's last burn for 10 years. Also, R-Evolution (not Bliss) should have stood on the National Mall, and here's a thing about BRC's demographics from Quartz:

Photos by: John Moyers Photography

Jan 31, 2018

Meet The Ceiling Cat Prophet, Gulia, founder of the fastest growing religion on playa. One of the best acts of prayer possible. Some people that go to Burning Man belong in the Basement Cat's Litter Box. The Order of Goats and Perpetual Shenaniganization of the Last Days. WTF is up with the Flying Spaghetti Monster? The pleasures of eating with Russian Burners, as well as the magic of Dust City Diner, Pink Mammoth Camp, Human Carcass Wash, Black Rock City Diner, and Skinny Kitty Camp. North West Mist has a mist system that really works, and the good word, which is, 'Meow." Also, fast-talkin' 20s guys, Dickie in the box, and the time Rex won a thing.

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